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DJ Cotter, EF Hofgard, J Novembre, ZA Szpiech, NA Rosenberg (2023) A rarefaction approach for measuring population differences in rare and common variation. Genetics in press.

R Laurent, ZA Szpiech, SS da Cosa, V Thouzeau, CA Fortes-Lima, F Dessarps-Freichey, L Lémée, J Utgé, NA Rosenberg, M Baptista, P Verdu (2023) A genetic and linguistic analysis of the admixture histories of the islands of Cabo Verde. eLife in press.

MC King, NA Rosenberg (2023) On a mathematical connection between single-elimination sports tournaments and evolutionary trees. Mathematics Magazine in press.

X Liu, NM Kopelman, NA Rosenberg (2023) A Dirichlet model of alignment cost in mixed-membership unsupervised clustering. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics in press.


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NA Rosenberg (2021) On the Colijn-Plazzotta numbering scheme for unlabeled binary rooted trees. Discrete Applied Mathematics 291: 88-98. [Abstract] [PDF]


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