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infocalc is a small script for calculating statistics that measure the ancestry information content of genetic markers. A description of these statistics can be found in "Informativeness of genetic markers for inference of ancestry" American Journal of Human Genetics 73: 1402-1422 (2003), with extensions in "Algorithms for selecting informative marker panels for population assignment" Journal of Computational Biology 12: 1183-1201 (2005).

The program is a perl script.

[Download script] (you will be directed first to a registration page and we would very much appreciate if you register)

Instructions for using the program are inside the script.

Please send comments or problems with infocalc to Noah Rosenberg.

Software history

December 23, 2006 - creation of website and upload of software version 1.1
June 15, 2004 - beginning of email distribution of software version 1.0