Rosenberg lab at Stanford University

ABOUT THIS IMAGE. This image shows a representation of individual genetic variation in Asia, superimposed in a manner that optimally aligns the placement of genetic samples with their sampling locations.

Each point represents an individual, with different symbols representing individuals from different populations. In the plot, a principal components analysis of individual multilocus genotypes in samples from populations across South Asia and East Asia is plotted over a map of the region. The genotypes and sampling locations are aligned using a Procrustes superposition. The red asterisks represent samples from Nepal, ranging in their placement from nearer to samples from India (red, brown), and samples from eastern China (green, blue). The figure is based on the work of Wang, Zöllner & Rosenberg (A quantitative comparison of the similarity between genes and geography in worldwide human populations; PLoS Genetics 8: e1002886, 2012).

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