Rosenberg lab at Stanford University

Native American microsatellite data set

Genotypes for 678 microsatellite loci genotyped in 1484 individuals from 78 worldwide populations including 29 Native American populations can be obtained here. This data set was reported in:

S Wang*, CM Lewis Jr*, M Jakobsson*, S Ramachandran, N Ray, G Bedoya, W Rojas, MV Parra, JA Molina, C Gallo, G Mazzotti, G Poletti, K Hill, AM Hurtado, D Labuda, W Klitz, R Barrantes, MC Bortolini, FM Salzano, ML Petzl-Erler, LT Tsuneto, E Llop, F Rothhammer, L Excoffier, MW Feldman, NA Rosenberg, A Ruiz-Linares (2007) Genetic variation and population structure in Native Americans. PLoS Genetics 3: 2049-2067. [Abstract] [Full text at journal website] [PDF] [Supplement]

A readme file for the dataset can be obtained here.