Rosenberg lab at Stanford University

The lab environment

The lab is located in the brand new Bass Biology Building, and consists of offices, cubicles, a lab library, and conference space. The new lab area is designed to facilitate a comfortable and interactive work environment and offers a variety of different workspaces. The Bass Biology Building greets its occupants each morning with several touchstones of theoretical biology: pigment pattern-formation according to the reaction-diffusion equation, in the form of a two-story programmable art display on the exterior of the building, and hallway walls covered with biological images arranged in ceiling-height Fibonacci spirals. Some of the images feature Voronoi tessellations. The lab is centrally situated among other labs working in evolutionary biology.

January 29, 2019 — We have moved to the new Bass Biology Building!

The lab puts on hard hats for a visit to the Bass Biology Building construction site, June 2018.

But first, something that needs real head protection: Fst.

Nearby points of interest

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