Rosenberg lab at Stanford University

ABOUT THIS IMAGE. This image illustrates the strict upper bound that exists on the value of FST at a locus given the frequency of the most frequent allele.

The y-axis represents FST, and the x-axis is the frequency M of the most frequent allele. Both axes range from 0 to 1. The gray region represents the set of allowable values of FST given M. The colored rectangles represent counts of the number of microsatellite loci that have values of (M, FST) in particular 0.01 x 0.01 regions, for data on 101 Africans and 63 Native Americans. Darker points represent larger numbers of loci. The figure is based on the work of Jakobsson, Edge & Rosenberg (The relationship between FST and the frequency of the most frequent allele; Genetics 193: 515-528, 2013).

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